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Tokyo Polytechnic University Wind
Engineering Research Center Office
1583, Iiyama, Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan 243-0297
Phone:+81 (0) 46 242 9658

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  • Application of 2022 fiscal year collection started
  • Facilities and database of TPU available for Joint Usage/Research Center Program

  • Adopted research theme and research meetings of 2021 fiscal year

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2015.12.26 TPU WE-JURC Open Seminar

Overview of blast resistance assessment of structures:finite element simulations and fragility analyses

2015.11.26 UK Wind Engineering Conference 2016 will be held from Sept. 5th to 7th, 2016],

Please click here to go to the official homepage.

2015.11.23 TPU WE-JURC Special Open Seminar

Hybrid Experimental and Computational Structural Simulation for Multi-Hazards

2015.8.29 TPU WE-JURC Special Open Seminar

Interference Effect on a Square Prism Based on Aeroelastic Experiments

2015.3.16 The 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

Public Forum:Necessity for Full-Scale Storm Simulators for Wind-Related Disaster Risk Reduction Please click [[here]] to find conference photos.

2015.3.14 TPU WE-JURC Special Open Seminar

Advanced Structural Wind Engineering Please click [[here]] to find conference photos.

Start of Year 2015 Joint Usage/Research Application

See, Joint Usage/Research Application for details.