Research Facility

Facility Outline
Turbulent Atmospheric Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel This wind tunnel can simulate the turbulent boundary layer, enabling measurement of wind pressure, wind response, wind environment and wind forces acting on buildings. Its working section is 2.3m wide, 1.8m high, and 19.1m long. Maximum wind velocity is 15m/s.
Active-control multi-fan climatic chamber 48 plug fans are controlled individually by an inverter, and can create natural crosswind fluctuations and wind distributions. Wind humidity and temperature can be controlled. The climate chamber is 5m wide, 11m long, and 3m high (external dimensions). The wind velocity range is 0.1-2m/s, the temperature range is 20-35℃ (±0.5℃), and the humidity range is 40-70% (±2%).
Thermally stratified wind tunnel This is a special wind tunnel that can control floor temperature and airflow temperature. It consists of a fan, temperature stratification equipment, floor panel heating/cooling equipment, an air flow cooling system, and a heat source device. The wind velocity range is 0.2-2m/s, and the air temperature range is 10-50℃.
Wind tunnel This is an open-circuit low-speed wind tunnel designed for wind environmental assessment and ventilation studies. It has a test section 1.2m wide, 1.0m high and 14m long. This low-speed wind tunnel is capable of investigating a wide range of different flow fields with wind speeds from 0.2 to 15 m/s. A remote control instrument carriage allows a probe to be positioned within 0.1mm on surfaces in the measuring section.
Tornado simulator A movement-type simulator and a standstill-type tornado simulator that can consider the movement of a tornado have been developed. These devices are capable of measuring wind pressure, as well as visualization and wind velocity measurement. The outer diameter of the upward flow generator is 1200mm.
Exterior material wind resistance test equipment This device is capable of analyzing wind pressure resistance by utilizing building material installed on the exterior of the building. It is analyzed by applying pressure characterizing the wind pressure statically and dynamically. Maximum exterior material size is 3,000 mm × 3,000 mm.


TPU Aerodynamic Database Wind pressures acting on various types of building models
Database of universal equivalent static wind load distribution A collection of universal equivalent wind load distribution for various roof type of low-rise buildings
Database of Cross Ventilation Results obtained from CFD simulations, including mean velocity vectors, contours of wind pressure coefficient and stream tubes. Experimental data is under construction.
Database of Indoor/Outdoor Air Pollution A collection of data on Indoor/Outdoor pollution.
IT Contents Lectures given by the COE members and a collection of COE open seminars.
Meteorological Data (Wind Hazard) of APEC economics A collection of wind hazard maps, records of damages and losses caused by winds and, design wind speed.
Reports on wind disasters in APEC economies Aftermath of typhoon - property losses and economy losses are investigated.
Miscellaneous Other wind loading related issues.