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Tokyo Polytechnic University
Wind Engineering Research Center Office
5-45-1 Iiyamaminami, Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan 243-0297
Phone:+81 (0) 46 242 9658

Message from Director


 The Tokyo Polytechnic University Wind Engineering Research center conducts research related to wind effects on buildings and cities, and covers three fields. The first is wind hazard mitigation, which deals with safety during strong and gusty winds such as typhoon and tornado; the second is indoor ventilation, which deals with the air environment inside a room; and the third is the wind environment around a building. In recent years, we have focused on expanding our research fields into domestic and foreign education on wind hazard mitigation and multiscale analysis concerning the environment around the human body.
 This center was established in 2000. Emeritus professor Nobuyuki Kobayashi, emeritus professor Yukio Tamura, emeritus professor Masaaki Ohba, professor Ryuichiro Yoshie, and professor Masahiro Matsui have been successive directors. The achievements of the 21st century COE (Center of Excellence) and Global COE programs have been recognized throughout the world and have been highly evaluated. The Wind Engineering Research Center was adopted as a "Joint Usage/Research Center” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in 2013. We have constructed a system utilizing enhanced research resources in WERC for conducting joint research with researchers both in Japan and abroad.
 WERC in TPU has several excellent and unique research facilities including a turbulent atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel, a thermally stratified wind tunnel, an active-control multi-fan climatic chamber, a tornado simulator, and exterior material wind resistance test equipment. We have also established Wind Hazard Databases and Natural Ventilation Databases that are available to all researchers and engineers in Japan and overseas. We would like to contribute to reinforcement and development in the wind engineering field as well as to human resources. I would like to request your continued cooperation and support.

Tokyo Polytechnic University Wind Engineering Research Center
Kunio Mizutani