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Tokyo Polytechnic University
Wind Engineering Research Center Office
5-45-1 Iiyamaminami, Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan 243-0297
Phone:+81 (0) 46 242 9658


Our purpose is to contribute to reinforcement and development of human resources and to development in the wind engineering field by sharing world leading knowledge in this field and providing unique research facilities. We have set up the Joint Usage/Research Center Steering Committee in the Wind Engineering Research Center to achieve the purpose. The chairman is the director of WERC, and he is supported by 10 external members and 8 TPU members (including chairman). Research themes will be judged and the steering committee will play a role in ensuring smooth running of the research center.

Joint Usage/Research Center Steering Committee External Member

Name Affiliation
Takeshi Ohkuma Professor Emeritus, Kanagawa University,
Guest Researcher, Institute of Engineering in Kanagawa University
Shinsuke Kato Project Associate Professor, Kougakuin University,
Takashi Kurabuchi Professor, Tokyo University of Science, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering
Tomomi Yagi Professor, Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Social Infrastructure Engineering
Aakashi Mochida Professor, Tohoku University, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Building Science
Hitoshi Yamada Executive Director & Vice President, Yokohma National University
Akira Wada Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Yoshihide Tominaga Professor, Director, Wind and Fluid Engineering Research Center, Niigata Institute of Technology
Nobuyuki Kobayashi Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Polytechnic University

TPU Member

Name Position Research Field
Yukio Tamura Emeritus Professor Program Coordinator
Wind Hazard Mitigation
Akihito Yoshida Professor Director
Wind Hazard Mitigation
Ryuichiro Yoshie Professor Outdoor Environment
Masahiro Matsui Professor Wind Hazard Mitigation
Yong Chul Kim Professor Wind Hazard Mitigation
Yoshihide Yamamoto Associate Professor Cross Ventilation/Indoor Environment
Xuan Yingli Assistant Professor Outdoor Environment